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卫生服务 offers a range of services which include: acute care of minor illness or injury, sexual healthcare and testing, preventative care and appointment assistance 我们当地的医疗团体.



MCLA 卫生服务 is here to support you with your wellness needs.  我们提供全面的 medical care with a special focus on the college health needs of our students. We can diagnosis, treat, order labs, and write prescriptions to treat all common illnesses and injuries, BUT we  also can evaluate you when you are seriously sick or ill and can assist you to local urgent or emergent facilities in the community. 



MountainOne Student Wellness Center, 289 Church Street 北亚当斯,马萨诸塞州01247.

卫生服务 provides care for all enrolled MCLA students.

Monday through Friday 8-4 (closed 12-1) when the college is in session for the fall 春季学期. Closed during Massachusetts/Federal holidays and weather related 闭包.

请拨打413健康服务部.662.我们很乐意和你谈谈.  If it is a medical emergency please call 公共安全 at 5100, 413.662.5100 or 911

Yes, 卫生服务 operates by appointments only. 请拨413.662.5421年,当天 appointments are usually available, so you can pick a time that's best for you. 

卫生服务 recognizes that students may not be well enough to attend every class. Students are advised to contact their professors directly (preferably before missing a class) to make arrangements to accommodate their illness. 卫生服务不能 证明过去的疾病. Therefore, 卫生服务 will not provide any documentation 为了让学生不去上课.

卫生服务部门不开处方. 需要配药的处方, 可以带到当地的药店吗. 一定要和你的保险公司核实一下 to 看到 if there is a co-pay for medications and bring a copy of your insurance card 陪你去药房.

Yes, emergency contraception is available by appointment at 卫生服务 at no 成本. You can also purchase emergency contraception at most local pharmacies and through Tapestry健康.

障碍快车 is a confidential sexual health barrier delivery service to your campus mailbox. 请 place your order through our web 页面 or under student links on the portal 页面. You can also pick up products at 卫生服务 and other various locations 在校园.

Our team includes a board-certified physician, nurse practitioners, and registered 护士. 

Massachusetts college students are required to have primary health insurance.

Bring your health insurance card with you each time you come to 卫生服务. If you’re covered under your parents’ insurance, ask them for a copy of the card. 

MCLA 卫生服务 does not bill for services that are provided on site. 尽管如此, any medical tests such as: laboratory, radiological imaging and prescriptions performed or obtained off-site will be billed directly to the student's health insurance. 这 may result in a copay, deductible or balance due that is the student's responsibility. 卫生服务 is not able to advise students regarding what may or may not be covered 通过他们的个人计划.

By law, all MCLA 卫生服务 visits and medical records are confidential. 任何信息 can be released, either verbally or in writing, unless you sign a consent form.  请 看到 http://your.satumerenkennel.net/student-services/health-services/confidential.php 有关保密的更多信息.

请参阅MCLA健康服务网页 http://your.satumerenkennel.net/student-services/health-services/rights-responsibilties.php 获取有关此主题的信息. 

If you are in need of emergent care after hours:

  • 请拨打911或公共安全5100或413.662.5100
  • Berkshire Medical Center (BMC) - BMC is a full-service level III trauma center. It 位于马萨诸塞州匹茨菲尔德北街725号.
  • BMC北亚当斯校区 - Berkshire Medical Center's North Adams Campus provides numerous outpatient services for the North Berkshire community, including 24-hour emergency care, outpatient imaging, laboratory draw station, and more. 它位于 at the former North Adams Regional Hospital, 北亚当斯医院大道71号.    
  • Southwestern Vermont Medical Center - SVMC is a full-service hospital providing 24-hour emergency care as well as imaging, laboratory and more. SVMC位于100医院 佛蒙特州本宁顿大道.

If you are in need of non-emergent care after hours:

  • BMC北亚当斯校区. 它位于 at the former North Adams Regional Hospital, 北亚当斯医院大道71号.    
  • Berkshire Health Urgent Care - 550 East Street at St. 卢克广场,匹茨菲尔德,马萨诸塞州 01201. 
  • SVMC Express Care - 120 Hospital 佛蒙特州本宁顿大道 05201
  • SVHC Urgent Care ClearChoice MD - 856 State Road, North Adams, MA 01201
  • CVS. Store # 1131, Veterans Memorial Drive, North Adams, MA, 01247.
  • 沃尔格林. Store # 19525, 50 Lincoln Street, North Adams, MA, 01247.
  • 沃尔玛. Store #1984, 1415 Curran Memorial Hwy 北亚当斯,马萨诸塞州01247.







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