The MCLA 艺术ist Lab (Laboratory) Residency was created to give MCLA students, and the North Adams community, access to accomplished artists from all over the world. The 艺术家实验室驻留 is dedicated to supporting the creation, exhibition, criticism, 以及记录历史上未被充分代表的艺术家的作品. 邀请的艺术家 to participate provide both inspiration and advice for best navigating and understanding 艺术界. 艺术家的选择是基于他们的实践,他们对 艺术界, and the way in which their career reflects the diversity of thought, talent and triumph that exists among artists striving to contribute to, and consequently 扩展,什么被认为是艺术史佳能.

At least two times a year, once each semester, 艺术ists in Residence are invited to 创作作品、分享作品,有时还在MCLA教授课程. 每个艺术家都会被问到 to create a body of work that will culminate the Residency in an exhibition at MCLA's 画廊51. 艺术家在艺术实验室里有住房和工作室, 在51号画廊隔壁. 在艺术实验室里,艺术家们可以举办工作坊、讲座等 他们有兴趣为社区提供的编程类型. MCLA艺术 and Culture is proud to be able to offer this experience to the participating artists 和社区.







舍温里约热内卢 (Brooklyn/San Francisco) is an interdisciplinary artist and re搜索er making site-specific and re搜索-based metaphors addressing colonization, historical public amnesia, and intergenerational storytelling through a Filipinx-American lens 在雕塑,装置,录像,表演和音频领域. 他展示了 and performed as a solo and collaborative artist in venues such as: La Becque (CH), Asian 艺术 Museum of San Francisco (CA), de Young Museum (CA), Carnegie Museum of 艺术 (PA), Carlsbad Museum of 艺术 (NM), San Jose State University (CA), Portland State University (OR), University of Northern Colorado (CO), 人力资源 (CA), and Torpedo 工厂(VA). 他的作品被旧金山美术博物馆收藏.

b里约热内卢获得的奖项包括旧金山基金会的Jack K. 和格特鲁德 Murphy Award, the Ella King Torrey Award for 创新 and Excellence in the 艺术s, and the San Francisco 艺术 Institute's Outstanding MFA Graduate Award, as well as a 在加州索萨利托的海德兰艺术中心获得奖学金. 他做过住院医师 at the Josephine Sculpture Park (Frankfort, KY) through the International Sculpture 中心和步行屋(北亚当斯,马萨诸塞州).

He received a dual MFA in Studio 艺术 and MA in 历史 and Theory of Contemporary 艺术 from SFAI and a BFA in Printmaking with a minor in 艺术 历史 from the University 佛罗里达.



2022年1月- 2022年5月


纳撒尼尔Donnett is a multi-disciplinary cultural practitioner who lives and works 在德克萨斯州休斯顿. Donnett的实践包含了形而上学和现象学的空间 that speak to history, uncertainty, socio-political and cultural concerns, space/time, 内在/外在的自我,和种族. 他运用拒绝策略来培养 他的全部作品,将多节奏融入日常的诗学. 通过锻炼 black aesthetic traditions, radical fractal theory, ideas of incompleteness, and sacred geometry as methodologies and everyday aesthetics, Donnett challenges conventional 线性时间线叙事和西方化的框架. 视觉、触觉和听觉语言 通过抽象模式和形象白话的翻译是编码系统吗. Donnett employs these codes to find the nuance and meaning in the overlooked and undervalued. Investigating materials and ideas compiled from daily life, a series of endless questions 出现了指的是想象,经验和思维过程. 这些联系 不对称地黄金城电子手游,展开想象和实际的宇宙学. 

纳撒尼尔Donnett毕业于德克萨斯南方大学美术学士学位 获得耶鲁大学艺术学院文学硕士学位. Donnett是2020年院长奖的获得者 Critical Practice 研究 Grant, 2020 艺术 and Social Justice Initiative Grant, and 2020-2021海伦·弗兰肯塞勒奖学金. Donnett被授予2017年休斯顿奖 艺术s Alliance Individual 艺术ist Grant, 2015 Idea Fund/Andy Warhol Foundation Grant, 2014年Harpo基金会资助和2010年艺术adia奖. 他的作品已被展出 The Virginia Museum of Fine 艺术, Richmond, VA, The Virginia Museum of Contemporary 艺术, Virgina Beach, VA, The Mennello Museum, Orlando FL, The Ulrich Museum, Wichita, KS, The American Museum, Washington, DC, The Kemper Contemporary 艺术s Museum, Kansas City, MO, The Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury CT, The Contemporary 艺术s Museum Houston, 休斯顿,德克萨斯州,项目排屋,休斯顿,德克萨斯州,大学博物馆,休斯顿,德克萨斯州, 纽约新博物馆.




2021年9月- 2021年12月


Joshua Ross (1992, Indianapolis, Indiana) holds an MFA in 艺术 at the University of California, Irvine, and a BFA in 摄影 from Herron School of 艺术 in Indianapolis. Ross’ re搜索-based practice is an entrenched phenomenological approach that investigates institutional, bodily, and spatial structures that organize and influence perception. Ross’ multi-disciplinary practice employs and appropriates a variety of material and media developed through relationships to methodologies inherently related to his re搜索 以及摄影的档案经验. 罗斯介绍了最近一些著名的展览 artwork include 洛杉矶 Municipal 艺术 Gallery, Queens LA, and 人力资源 洛杉矶.




就职艺术家驻场 吉纳维芙GAIGNARD 

2020年4月- 2020年8月

吉纳维芙·盖纳德拍摄的题为《崛起与衰落》的照片. 这位艺术家穿着不同的衣服在图像中出现了两次. 一个站在工业水泥结构上,另一个坐着

吉纳维芙Gaignard is a 洛杉矶 based artist whose work focuses on photographic self-portraiture, sculpture, and installation to explore race, femininity, class, 以及它们的各种交集. 她的父亲是黑人,母亲是白人, 盖纳尔的青年时代有着强烈的隐形感. 她的家人是白人吗? 足够成为白人? 黑到足以成为黑人? Gaignard质疑“传递”的概念 为了解决这些问题. 她把自己的女性身体定位为 chief site of exploration — challenging viewers to navigate the powers and anxieties 交叉恒等式. 受比利·斯图尔特深情歌声的影响 kitschy aesthetic of John Waters and the provocative artifice of drag culture, Gaignard 使用低俗的流行情感来制作动态的视觉叙事. 从同一性来看 performance ritualized in ‘‘selfie” culture to the gender performance of femininity, Gaignard blends humor, persona and popular culture to reveal the ways in which the 对比鲜明的现实相遇和混合会让人感觉很像流离失所.

Gaignard received her MFA in 摄影 at Yale University and her BFA in 摄影 在麻省艺术学院任教. 她曾在美国各地展出,包括 shows at Studio Museum in Harlem, the California African American Museum in 洛杉矶, 以及休斯顿摄影中心. 2017年,她的作品被列入《黄金城电子手游》.4 新奥尔良三年展. Gaignard的工作在 《黄金城电子游戏》, 《黄金城电子手游》, W杂志,洛杉矶时报,艺术论坛,Vice News Tonight除其他外. 她的作品被哈林区的工作室博物馆永久收藏, California African American Museum, LA, Pérez 艺术 Museum Miami, the Nasher Museum of 艺术, Durham, the FLAG 艺术 Foundation, New York, the Seattle Museum of 艺术, and 圣何塞艺术博物馆.


2021年2月16日: The Clark, "Unpacking My Identity ": 吉纳维芙Gaignard on Race in America and the 家的不可能

2020年10月13日: 艺术sy, "吉纳维芙Gaignard's Timely Work Documents Racial Injustice and Calls for 改变”

2020年9月4日: 伯克希尔之鹰,“MCLA画廊51重新开放”《黄金城电子游戏》"

2020年6月17日: Vanity Fair, “We're Not Going Anywhere”: 吉纳维芙Gaignard and Her 艺术 Are Ready 为了这一刻和每一刻