The MCLA 总统’s Medallion was created to honor individuals or organizations that have demonstrated exemplary service to MCLA, or have made strong contributions to 让人们在伯克希尔和/或英联邦生活得更好.

2007年由Mary K. 格兰特,MCLA把这个传统带回了 honor the champions of Berkshire County and Massachusetts College of Liberal 艺术s. Prior recipients include Martha Coakley and former MCLA Vice 总统 of Academic 事务部,感谢史蒂夫·格林为他服务了36年. 每位获奖者都展示了 utmost dedication, appreciation, and have fostered innovation at MCLA and in the Berkshire 县地区.

For its 125th anniversary celebration in 2020, MCLA will honor 桥, the 费尔班克 Group, and 简 艾伦 '61 HD'02, who have all made outstanding contributions to the 伯克希尔哈撒韦公司社区.


Founded in 2007, 桥 is a grassroots organization dedicated to catalyzing change and integration through promoting mutual understanding and respect among diverse groups 并为当地机构和整个社区提供资源. 桥 作为变革和整合的催化剂,通过合作、教育、 培训、对话、联谊和宣传. 桥是由英联邦指定的 as a vendor in the Supplier Diversity Program in the spirit of the Affirmative Market 运动. 桥促进学校和机构的文化能力规划 促进公平,并就系统性种族主义和文化障碍进行教育. 服务 include cultural literacy and cultural competence training; consulting, facilitation; youth leadership; multicultural education; parent engagement and education; civil 权利和社会正义论坛,并与不同群体进行宣传.

通过对社区和公民参与的360度视角,桥已经 为社区和公共卫生设计了整体方法. 桥的目标是产生影响 hearts, minds and behaviors that result in positive cultural shifts and systemic changes 在政策、法律和实践方面,努力建立一个更加公正、安全和公平的社会.

In 2019, 桥 was recognized as a national finalist by Everyday Democracy for the 保罗J. Aicher奖.

桥 was recognized in 2015 as a Berkshire Trendsetter for Non-Profit Impact and as a statewide finalist for Massachusetts Non-Profit Network for Small Non-Profits in 2016.


Gwendolyn VanSant is an experienced organizational change consultant and coach who works at the intersection of diversity leadership, equity and inclusion, and strategic 规划. 她是桥和the Equity and 包容的首席执行官和创始董事 Changemaker Strategies的团队领导. 格温多林是一个熟练的社区组织者 在种族正义和赔偿问题上,他是公认的思想领袖.

Gwendolyn目前担任Great Barrington W . Town的副主席. E. B. 杜波依斯遗产委员会. 她是格雷洛克联邦信贷公司的顾问委员会成员 Union’s Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) program, and serves as a board member for Women’s 西马萨诸塞基金, UU Mass Action Network, 和莎士比亚 & 公司.
格温多林是一位经常演讲和小组成员,最近一次演讲是在第38届年度会议上 E. F. 舒马赫诞辰150周年纪念讲座. E. B. Du Bois, the 2019 Western Mass Health Equity Summit, and PolicyLink’s Equity Summit (2018).

Gwendolyn holds a BA from Simon's Rock with concentrations in Languages and Literature, 艺术和艺术史,以及妇女研究. 2015年,她毕业并获得证书 in Positive 心理学 from the Wholebeing Institute at Kripalu, she has completed the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond - Undoing Racism training, and in 2011, the Leadership Institute for Political and Public Impact (LIPPI) through the Women’s 西马萨诸塞基金.


费尔班克集团 is driven to build things to last – not only the businesses but 它们背后的关系和伙伴关系. 自2008年以来,他们一直如此 扩大他们兼收并蓄的业务组合. 这个投资组合包括三个度假村——jiminy Peak Mountain Resort, Cranmore Mountain Resort, and Bromley Mountain Ski Resort—and real estate development at all three resorts, in addition to a renewable energy development company, EOS Ventures, and two technology companies, Snowgun Technology and Bullwheel 产品.

Whether it is providing families a place to connect by experiencing their mountain resorts, teaching kids self-confidence through learning to ski and ride, building a more sustainable future through renewable energy development, creating career opportunities for employees, or contributing to the communities in which they operate and serve, 费尔班克集团实体的目的远远超出了盈利动机. 他们的 mission is to be the best in any industry they are involved in and enhance the lives 他们在做这件事时碰到的人.

费尔班克集团 is headed by the father-son team of Brian and Tyler 费尔班克, with Brian担任董事长,Tyler担任首席执行官. 他们与 noted Boston entrepreneur and philanthropist, Joe O'Donnell in all their endeavors.

Accepting the 总统奖章 on behalf of 费尔班克集团: Brian and Tyler 费尔班克

In 1969, Brian 费尔班克 was a ski school director in Wisconsin when he accepted an opportunity with Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort that would advance his career and begin 追求成为他一生的激情.  在吉米尼担任管理职务期间, 布莱恩创造了一个全年开放的度假村,反映了他早期的愿景. 布莱恩最终 获得所有权并成为jimminpeak的总裁.

Brian served on the Board of Berkshire Health Systems for two decades and was the 在汉考克镇当了35年的镇镇长.  2006年,布莱恩建立了捐赠建议 fund with Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation allowing his family to direct gifts 给他们支持的慈善机构和事业.  

After completing college, Tyler 费尔班克 worked in the family business for a few years 在离开去追求其他兴趣之前.  泰勒在创业中发挥了重要作用 the Berkshire Economic Development Corporation and served as a trustee and as chair MCLA董事会成员.

In 2008, Brian and Tyler once again joined forces and created EOS Ventures, a renewable 能源公司.  随着该国首个私人拥有的风力发电机的安装 jimminpeak是中国最环保的度假胜地之一.

2011年,布莱恩和泰勒成为费尔班克集团的联合首席执行官.  2013年,布莱恩 stepped back to become chairman focusing on the long term strategies of the company, 泰勒成为了唯一的CEO.


简·艾伦精心打造了一个涵盖学习、教学和服务的生活. 的几十年里 have carried 艾伦 from student to classroom teacher to elementary school principal 当选的镇官员. 她是一个妻子,一个母亲,一个祖母.

艾伦是北亚当斯人. 林登·布鲁克斯和玛丽·布鲁克斯的女儿. 艾伦 北亚当斯小学和中学的毕业生. 在高中的时候, 她遇到了她未来的丈夫约翰·艾伦. 大学毕业后,约翰和简 结婚. They have three daughters---Tracy, Terry and Mimi--- and four grandchildren---Brooke, 亚历克斯,西蒙和凯斯.

1961年,艾伦以B的成绩毕业于北亚当斯州立学院.S. 小学教育 并获得了北亚当斯州杰出教师奖. 她当过老师。 and director at the Williamstown Cooperative Nursery 学校 and served as a committee 在伯克郡北部建立了第一个日托中心的志愿者. 艾伦 后来被聘为威廉斯敦的一年级教师,她也是该校的校长 威廉斯敦教师协会的主席. 1985年,艾伦获得硕士学位.S. 在教育 纽约州立大学奥尔巴尼分校的行政管理. 作为校长,艾伦 worked in the Central Berkshire Regional 学校 District and at Clarksburg Elementary 学校. 在她担任校长期间,她有幸担任校长 马萨诸塞州小学校长协会主席. 退休后, 艾伦 worked as a long-term substitute in the Guidance Department at McCann Vocational 学校 and, on two different occasions, served as Acting Executive Director of Berkshire 艺术与科技公立学校(BART). 退休后,她又回到了零售业 他在威廉斯敦春街的隧道城咖啡馆(Tunnel City Coffee)扎根.

领导和服务在艾伦的生活中扮演了重要的角色. 她曾担任过 on numerous boards including A Better Chance (ABC), the Williamstown League of Women 选民,MCLA董事会等等. 她是…的创始成员 威廉斯敦二氧化碳减排委员会和威廉斯敦基金. 简 他在威廉斯敦市政委员会工作了12年.

艾伦 has been honored with numerous awards including the 简 艾伦 Fund and the 以她的名字命名MCLA教室. 2002年,她获得荣誉学位 教育学硕士. 她也是学院MCLA服务的获得者 Award, the Northern Berkshire Business and Professional Woman of Achievement Award 和,信仰R. 士嘉堡社区服务奖.

艾伦对她所服务的实体有着极大的热情. 回馈她的职业 她通过这些实体建立的社区是她一生的工作.